Planning your mobility?


  • A set of following requirements must be met:
  • Existing linkage to the sending institution at least one month full-time equivalent prior the secondment beginning
  • All secondees must be eligible in terms of status:
    • Experienced researcher – doctoral degree completed
    • Early stage researcher – ongoing Ph.D. study
    • Staff member – technician, administrative staff
  • The status of each secondee must be double-checked by sending institution and must be in accordance with the secondment plan
  • The dedication to the project while seconded must be full-time


  • Get in touch with George Calin, M.D., Ph.D., and set up an official skype interview.
  • After his approval, you will receive an invitation to the DISCOVER system (an official platform of the MDACC) where the application form needs to be filled and all required documents uploaded.
  • Next step is to get an appointment for the demanded immunization.
  • Start planning the actual starting date of your secondment and get in touch with the MD Anderson Visa and Immigration Service Administration department („VISA department“)
  • Choose between J-1 (Short term scholar) or B1 (Visitor for Business) visa and let the VISA department process it. After you receive DS-2019 form, you can apply for visa appointment by filling the DS-160.
  • After successful consulate interview and obtaining your passport with visa back, you are ready to travel to MDACC!


  • Keep in touch with the project manager / administrator of the RISE project and do all necessary administrative arrangements with your home institution (fill the travel order, etc.).
  • Make sure that you have a proper travel insurance.
  • Make sure that the project administrator knows the correct date of your departure, so Researcher´s Declaration can be uploaded in SyGMa within 20 days.
  • Get to know your rights and duties!


  • Dedicate your time fully to the delivery of scientific outputs related to the research project.
  • Do not forget to acknowledge the project in your scientific outputs (e.g. posters, presentations, publications).
  • Do not forget that all publications must be accessible via Open Access (green or gold way).
  • Archive all support materials confirming your stay (photos, lab diaries, meeting minutes, ID card, etc.).
  • At the end of you stay, fill the “Declaration of secondment” confirming the length of your stay by the responsible person at the host institution.


  • Complete and finalise your travel order.
  • Fill the post-secondment report – instructions will be provided by the project administrator.
  • Disseminate knowledge and know-how gained while seconded!

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